American Bonsai Rewire™ Recycling Program


Receive new American Bonsai training wire coils for every 10-lbs of wire recycled!


  • $10 credit towards aluminum wire for every 10-lbs of aluminum wire recycled
  • $10 credit towards copper wire for every 10-lbs of copper wire recycled
Recycled bonsai wire must be 10-lbs of aluminum wire, or 10-lbs of copper wire, and separate from each other. Wire can be any brand, color, or size. Wire must be free from any loose debris and organic material. Once 10-lbs or more of wire (less container weight) is ready to be shipped to us for recycling, please email us your full name, your shipping address, a photo of the wire, and the exact total weight of the wire being shipped. Shipping will be on us!

MAKE IT A CLUB AFFAIR! Collect more wire by recycling with your local bonsai club.