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Our 400 series stainless steel tools are guaranteed to exceed your expectations, in every way - otherwise, receive your money back.

UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY: In our pursuit to grow the art of bonsai in the United States,
the first year of our Warranty is unconditional, covering any product issue that may arise, regardless of cause.

5-YEAR WARRANTY: We stand behind all of our products.
Any manufacturing defect that may arise with our tools during our 5-Year Warranty period will be repaired or replaced.

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Flush Concave Cutters Rounded Concave Cutters
Multi-Use Cutters Spherical Knob
Scissors Splitters
Wire Cutters Pliers
Hooks, Rakes, and Soil Picks Tweezers
Carving Tools Hand Saws
Sharpening Tools Reconditioned Tools

Series 5 Series 7 Standard Issue Series 11 Series 16

Branch Cutting Trimming
Refining Wiring
Repotting Branch Splitting
Carving/Jin Sharpening & Maintenance