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Our Aluminum Bonsai Training Wire is used to style/train the branches of your bonsai tree, anchor a tree or drainage screen into a pot, and also used as guy wire. Our aluminum wire is malleable and easy on your hands, yet provides a firm hold needed to obtain desired results. Our anodized coating is a matte/satin finish in either black or brown (not shiny). We offer our aluminum wire in three roll sizes: small, medium, and large.

Our Copper Bonsai Training Wire is kiln annealed and hand-coiled right here in the USA. The copper wire is solid, soft-drawn, and 99.9% pure. Our copper wire is very malleable, with no hard spots, making for easy applications. As the copper wire is applied to your tree, it work hardens*, giving the wire greater holding strength over aluminum. Annealed copper wire is as soft as aluminum but upon application/work-hardening, it is noticeably firmer and has a greater holding strength than that of aluminum wire.

All of our rolls are accompanied with our custom velcro wire tie, which keep wire organized and identified by wire diameter.

*Annealing is a heat treatment that alters the properties of the copper wire to increase its ductility and reduce its hardness, making it more workable. This involves kiln heating the copper to a suitable temperature and then quickly quenching it in water.
**Work harden is the strengthening of copper by deformation or applied force. In this case, transferred through working of the wire.