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RootHogs Exposed Root System
RootHog Exposed Root System

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RootHogs - Exposed Root Systems

The first ever system designed to create an exposed-root-system or root-over-rock style bonsai. As your bonsai tree grows in our RootHog Exposed Root System, easily trim away layers to create your desired work of art. The RootHog ERS can be used with stones, statues, or plain to create your unique bonsai.

How it works?
Get creative with your style - think ahead!
Select a RootHog size
Place desired 'finished' stone/statue/etc in bottom (optional)*
Partially fill with bonsai mix leaving room for the tree
Plant desired tree
Secure against tipping
Allow tree to acclimate
Once tree is growing healthy...
Cut zip tie and trim away one layer
Allow natural soil erosion to occur from watering
Train roots as needed
Repeat every 30-90 days on a healthy tree (intervals are specific to tree species)

*If you have a tree with an existing extensive root system, create a design and then pot in the ERS (ie, create a root-over-rock by attaching the roots/tree to the stone and then lower into the ERS RootHog).

The RootHog Advantage: RootHogs are cost-effective, rigid training containers that air prune roots promoting healthy and fibrous (non-circling) root systems. Our RootHogs are a growing tool designed to promote root growth with a greater surface area to absorb nutrients and water resulting in a healthy root system and increased transplant/repotting success.

Why RootHogs?
Air Root Pruning
Promotes Fibrous Root Growth
Eliminates Root Circling
Superior Drainage and Air Flow
Heavy Duty Rigid Construction
UV Resistant Recycled Materials
Stronger & Healthier Tree
Less Repotting
Cost Effective
Prepares Tree for Traditional Bonsai Pot
Made in USA

Ordering RootHogs in bulk?
Purchase 10 or more RootHogs and use the coupon code 10HOG10 to get 10% OFF your RootHog order.

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Product Code: AB562

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