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All of our UltraAgg aggregates are mined, washed, screened, cleaned, and bagged right here in the USA. Each of our components are cleaned with compressed air to remove all fines 1/16" minus (1/16" minus means everything smaller than 1/16”).
Each available aggregate has a size classification (ie #20 Mini) that refers to the screened particle size (see chart below

Some of our UltraAgg products ship in our AB burlap filter bags. Why do we do this? While your shipment is in transit, the aggregate can be agitated, creating dust, or fine material. Our AB burlap filter bag material acts as a screen to separate the fines so that the UltraAgg does not require sifting or washing upon arrival. Each burlap filter bag is sealed in a clear plastic bag, which collects the fines that are created in transit. Upon arrival, remove the burlap filter bag from the plastic bag to discard the fine material.

We now offer our aggregates in a more cost effective, as-is and unscreened solution. By selecting the "As-is and unscreened" option, the aggregate will be unprocessed and may have fines and/or moisture.