All of our UltraAgg aggregates are mined, screened, washed, and bagged right here in the USA. Each of our components are ready-to-use for your bonsai application. Each of our aggregates is identified by a number (ie #25). This number identifies the UltraAgg by the average particle size (ie .25").

All 1-gallon & 5-gallon bags of UltraAgg ship in our AB UltraAgg burlap bags. Why do we do this? While your shipment is in transit, the aggregate can be agitated, creating dust, or fine material. Our AB burlap bag material acts as a screen to separate the fines so that the UltraAgg does not require sifting or washing upon arrival. Each burlap bag is sealed in a plastic bag which collects the fines that are created in transit. Upon arrival, remove the burlap bag from the plastic bag and discard the fine material.

Below, you will find the most cost-effective options for us to deliver AB soil across the United States and for local pickup. We mix any custom aggregate at no extra charge, just add the desired components to your order and leave detailed instructions in the order notes on the checkout page, we will take care of the rest!

If you need assistance choosing some UltraAgg for your trees, give us a call or check out our UltraAgg Bonsai Soil Guide!